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Severability Clause

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Credits and Acknowledgments

Rosa Giovanna Magnifico Panza di Biumo wishes to thank all of the artists for granting permission to publish images of their works on this site; the museums and institutions who are the current owners of the works formerly belonging to the Collection of Giuseppe Panza di Biumo for their helpfulness; and all of the photographers for their precious work.

A collection is the most intimate portrait of a collector.

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Terms and conditions

Although all reasonable efforts have been made to identify the owners of the rights and to obtain the right to publish, for some of the images it has not always been possible to trace the actual holders of the rights; if you happen to have any information or queries in this connection, please contact us.

All rights reserved. Except for personal and private purpose, no reproduction or use of the images without the authorization of Prolitteris is allowed.